Solid Glass and Fibre Glass (yes ... there are few, but they exist !)

1. 21st. September, 2014. Like many of the manufacturers around the late 1950's/early 1960's, Bernard Sealey experimented with this form of construction.

I was given this rod because a friend knew of my growing fascination with this marque. It has no model name.

It's a 2 piece., solid glass spinning rod with an 18 inch handle with integral screw reel fitting ... a very similar rod the that with which I learned to fish when I was a child.

2. An oddity, this one ... which is why I placed it on this page !

29th, June, 2014. I have just taken delivery of this Precision Rods example clearly named "R. Sealey's Tudor Rose," but even though it's the same length (10ft. 6in.) it's very unlike my other, probably earlier, example.

It's a 4 piece 'combi' rod ... having an additional solid glass tip !!!

The butt is of whole cane, the centre whole cane spliced to whole cane, and the tip whole cane spliced to split cane ... but there's no 'japan black' on any of the rod. It has a 21 inch handle., as opposed to the 18 inch on the 'reed' version.

The split cane tip is. sadly, 6 inches short, but I think I will be able to sort this out with a spare tip section I have in my 'bits box.'

The glass tip section has a 'swing tip' taped to it with electrical tape ... but the whipping on the tip is almost, but not quite, identical ... being green/red twist with wine edging and intermediates ... making me believe it's a later addition. Whatever it is ... the ferrules fit perfectly.

I believe it will make a very handy little 'trotting' rod when it's finished.

3. 13th. October, 2014. Winging it's way to me is a rod I was totally unaware of before ... I was even unaware that Bernard Sealey's factory produced such rods !

It's a Precision Rods "R. Sealey's The Princess," a 14ft., 4 piece, fibre glass 'match' rod of 'ferruleless' construction (to save weight). I'll post the weight when it arrives.

Now that the rod has arrived I can confirm that the weight is a mere 12.35 ounces (350 grammes). Even I could hold that all day !!!

4. Arriving on 9th. November, 2014 ... when I collect it from the Redditch Tackle Fair ...

Precision Rods "R. Sealey's Tudor King," a 10ft., 3 piece, fibre glass rod which looks to have a bit of power to it ... but I've only seen photographs. More details to follow.

5. 31st. October, 2014. Now ... here's something to think about.

I found this rod ... badged as a Bernard Sealey, Tudor Works 'Marsden.'

It's a 10ft., 2 piece rod of ferruleless fibre glass construction, and I can't wait to compare it to the Precision 'Tudor King.'

As to the name 'Marsden,' I wondered if it related to the Marsden Works ... or to Graham Marsden. I was lucky enough to contact Graham via the internet, and he confirmed that the rod had no connection to him, but was indeed a tribute to the Marsden Works.

So ... did Bernard Sealey produce rods under his own name at the same time as under his Precision Rods company ??? I suspect more research is on the cards !!!

6. 28th July, 2015. My latest foray onto a certain internet website has added this rod. It's a Bernard Sealey & Co. "R. Sealey's Sensitip Major," a 3 piece, 10ft. fibre glass float rod.

Not the greatest photos until it arrives ... but I'm delighted to have found it.

7. 6th. August, 2015. Winging it's way to me is this Bernard Sealey & Co. "Tudor Imperial," a 10ft. 6in., 3 piece fibre glass rod of 'ferruleless' construction.

8. 16th. October, 2015. Now winging it's way to me is this Bernard Sealey & Co. 'R. Sealey's Tudor Queen.' ... a 13ft., 3 piece, hollow built fibre glass rod of 'ferruleless' construction ... typical of the late 1970's construction of this company.

20th. October, 2015. Sadly, the middle section was found to be broken when the rod arrived today.

9. 24th. November, 2015. Just arrived with me is this 'Flik-Tip' by Bernard Sealey & Co.

This is a 9ft. 6in., 2 piece rod with a 23in. cork handle. The tip guide is threaded to take a 'quiver' tip, which could account for the length as other rods of this type by Bernard were usually 10ft.

It weighs in at a truly 'featherweight 6.35oz. (180 grammes) !