The 'all split cane' rods.

1. 7th. February, 2014. I have just collected this Precision Rods (Tudor Works, Lodge Road, Redditch) which has no writing on it to identify the model.

It's a 3 piece, all split cane construction, and bears the 'black badge.' It's definitely (possibly) not a 'Tudor Supreme' as the handle is the wrong shape ... and I'm not sure that the length is absolutely right ... but I can't imagine that any has been nibbled from the tip. It's NOT a 'Tudor Roach' though ... as I'm given to understand that that was 10ft 6in ... but maybe someone has a catalogue ????? Did Precision do a Tudor rod at 10ft 9in ?

Whatever it is ... despite it's overall condition ... it's delightful to hold, and it's die-straight with no signs of ant problems with the cane !!! The low bell guides are badly corroded, of course ... and at least one ferrule is loose on the cane ... the varnish is poor ... and a few of the guides have been poorly re-whipped at some point. A complete strip and refurbish, then.

However, I think I have found a very special little rod ... and see my next post for a lovely surprise !!!

11th. March, 2014. An update ... I have now completed the whipping of all the guides and intermediates, and they have all had two coats of Roddancer 'Chromaseal' ... so one more coat to go before varnishing begins.

The new intermediate guides were supplied by Chapman's of Ware (616-HC full open bridge), and were the closest I could get to the originals in both style and internal diameter.

After having examined the colour of the old whippings from the rear after removing them, I have used Piper's Silks 'Gloss Silk - Twisted,' using 90/3 'Dark Peony' for the guides, and 90/2 'Peony' for the inters ... mostly using 10 turns, but dropping to 8 turns at the tip.

2. 8th. October, 2014. I was fortunate enough to win this rod in a charity auction and, having taken possession of it yesterday and used it to catch a wonderful autumn tench of 3lb 13oz, it's already stolen my heart with it's beautiful 'avon' through action which seems to become more powerful the more it's pressed !

It's a Precision Rods "Severn Perfection," though I think that name may have been put on it by a previous owner as it's on a transfer, and not hand written as are all the other Bernard Sealey rods I've seen.

A 3 piece, all split cane rod of 11 feet in length, it has an 18 inch handle ... which I thought would feel a little short, but which actually works nicely for me.

3. 29th. August, 2014. Extending the range of Precision Rods I own is this 'Vanguard.' It's a lovely little 2 piece, all split cane, 8 foot 'pike' rod with a 19 inch handle. It has beautiful agate lined guides throughout ! Found languishing in the back of a 'bygones' shop for very little money, it simply cried out for me to take possession.

As usual with rods from this fine maker it's beautiful cane, and straight as a die ... even though it does need some tlc to bring it back to it's true glory.

16t. April, 2015. I've now completed the rebuild of this little rod ... although I haven't been able to source any true black/white twist, so used some Gudebrod which although it is called 'black/white' is actually black and silver.

4. 6th. March, 2015. On it's way to me is this Precision Rods "The Express," and 11ft., 3 piece, all split cane rod.

It appears to have a finer taper than the "Severn Perfection," and I can't wait to compare it in my hand to that rod and The Princess."

It has been rebuilt ... using as close as possible to the original colour scheme ... but sadly the original hand written inscription of the model name was lost ... but this was reflected in the negotiated price.

It arrives with me next Tuesday ... so I'll try to get better photos then.

11th. March, 2015. The rod arrived today, and it's a delightfully light rod in the hand ... a super crucian rod for the coming season, I think.

5. 28th. March, 2015. On it's way to me is this rod which I never thought I'd own !!!

It's a Precision Rods "R. Sealey's Tudor Supreme," an 11ft., 3 piece all split cane with a 22 inch handle ... and compound tapers !!!

It needs re-whipping at the very least, so it will probably get a complete make-over.

1st. April, 2105. Not an April Fool ... the rod arrived today.

After a strip and rebuild it will be in service within a couple of weeks.

14th. April, 2015. After a complete strip and rebuild, including new intermediate guides, the rod is now complete and almost ready for the bank. A few more days to allow the varnish to cure a little more, and I will be fishing with it next week.

6. 17th. May, 2015. Just collected from the Redditch Tackle Fair ... this Precision Rods "R. Sealey's Kendal Gem," a delightful 2 piece, all split cane spinning rod ... expertly restored by Ryan Burns.

7) 16th. July, 2015. Just arrived with me from Timothy Payne at Reel Antique Angling (see on my Links page) is a rod I have been looking out for for almost 3 years now !

It's a Precision Rods "R. Sealey's Festival," an 11ft., 3 piece rod comprising a whole cane butt section (with a 21 1/2 inch handle), a split cane centre section with a compound taper (the change in taper occurring between the 1st. and 2nd. guides at the tip end), and a simple taper split cane tip.

It has been restored recently by Andrew Davis (see Links page ... ajdsplitcanerods) ... and is to his usual immaculate standard of workmanship ... using the original whipping patterns so distinctive of the Precision company.

It feels wonderful in the hand, and I have no doubt that it will fish as well as it looks. The look is nicely enhanced by the polished alloy ferrule stoppers, as I'm sure you will agree.

The rod itself weighs in at 13.10oz (372grms), so even my arthritic shoulders will be able to manage it for a day on the bank.

I believe that this is an example of the second version of this rod, which evolved over time. I think that the original had simple tapers on both split cane sections, and the third version had compound tapers on both ... so now I only have to find examples of the other two !!!!!

8) 28th. July, 2015. Isn't technology wonderful ?

An internet friend on an angling website was walking through his town 180 miles away last week when he saw a rod forlornly propped up outside a 'second-hand' shop ... and took a couple of photographs of it for me. When I saw them I asked him if he could go back and buy it for me ... which I'm very happy to say he did !!!

Therefore, winging it's way to me in the next few days is a Precision Rods 'R. Sealey's Marsden." It's a 10ft. 2in., 2 piece, all split cane rod ... and it's Robert Sealey's rod based on Richard Walker's "Mk. IV" Avon tapers !!! It has a wonderful 'tulip' tip guide.

As these few pictures show, it needs much tlc to bring it back to life ... but the chance to add it to my tackle was a delightful surprise, especially as it means I now own both split cane and fibre glass versions of the 'Marsden' !!!

Better photos will follow when it arrives ... and during it's rebuild.

31st. August, 2015. The rod has been stripped, and all the whippings renewed with Piper's Silks 'Dark Peony,' 90/3 for the guides and 90/2 for the intermediates.

4th. September, 2015. Varnishing has now been completed, and after a few days curing the rod will be ready for christening. Can't wait !!!