The 'match' or 'roach' style reed/whole cane/split cane rods.

1. Precision Rods "R. Sealey's Precise." This is a 12ft, 3 piece rod with reed butt and spliced reed/whole cane centre section, with a compound taper split cane tip section. It should be great for warm summer evenings roaching.

The butt section has now been re-ringed and whipped, with the first coat of varnish in place.

Latest update 17.12.12 :-

Having whipped all the guides in place and put the rod together I've suddenly found that it has developed a 'knock' in the ferrules which join the butt/middle sections. AARRGGHH !!! I'm grateful to Ryan of the TFF who has provided a replacement pair, which will be glued and whipped in place in short order ... Christmas allowing, of course.

28.1.13 :-

That'll teach me to start too many projects at once, but I finally got around to completing this one at last !!! I can't wait for some warmth to get into the water to try it out.

2. 28th. November, 2013. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of this latest foray into the world of the Bay of E.

From the very blurred photographs it seems to be a Precision Rods "R. Sealey Rapid Strike" ... a 13 ft rod with compound taper tip section.

I'll know more in a few days when it arrives ... so fingers are tightly crossed it's in reasonable condition.

7th. December, 2013.The rod arrived this afternoon and I'm very pleased, though there are a couple of things needing attention.

There is one intermediate guide missing, another is bent, and the agate in the butt ring is cracked. Oh ... and the cork handle has been varnished !!!

On the plus side ... I now know that the tip section is one of Precision Rods all split cane tips, the centre section is Spanish reed spliced to split cane, and the butt section is Spanish reed. This leads to an overall weight of 16.5 ounces, which is great for a rod of thirteen and a half feet. Happily it's perfectly straight when put together, with no sign of a knock in the ferrules.

3. 27th. May, 2014. Winging it's way to me is the 12ft version of the Precision Rods "R Sealey Rapid Strike." The main variation from the 13ft. version is that the tip section is whole cane/split cane spliced ... and not a compound taper split cane.
This one also bears a retailer's sticker for "Fenwick's, Brickkiln Street, Wolverhampton", maintaining the Midlands origins of the marque.

4. 22nd. September, 2014. When a friend pulled this version of the "R. Sealey's Rapid Strike" of his loft ... and said I could take it away for very few folding beer tokens ... I nearly bit his hand off !

It's a 14 foot version of the rod, to compliment my other 2 !!! It's of exactly the same construction, and is a wonderful addition to my rods from Bernard Sealey's factories. Once again what looks like black and yellow twist whippings are, in fact, black and white ... the varnish having yellowed with age.

5 & 6. Also 7th. February, 2014. When I went to collect the Precision Rods 10ft 9in rod, the chap mentioned that he had a couple of other rods that I may be interested in ... and he was right.

Looking through some bags containing old fibre glass rods, I was just taking the butt sections out the see if any 'names' were there. After 3 of no interest ... I pulled out a butt section and was confronted by the black with red and jasper whipping typical of Precision Rods, and pulling further revealed the black Precision Rods (Tudor Works, Marsden Road, Redditch) badge, and the gold hand written Legend "R. Sealey's Brumas."

I slipped the middle section from the bag, and then the tip ... slipping them together.

What I found was a 13ft 3inch rod of typical 'match' configuration ... whole cane butt/whole cane spliced to whole cane middle/whole cane spliced to split cane tip.

It still had it's (rubber) ferrule stoppers in place, and I was fascinated to see the joints. Whilst the females have a brass surround, the males are shaped cane slipping into cane ... making this a supported 'ferruleless' joint.

In completely original condition, and as straight as these spliced rods ever are, the guides are of course badly corroded,some of the varnish is flaking, and a couple of the whippings are fraying.

All that said ... it's in fair condition for it's age ... and you can imagine my delight when I had put it back into it's bag and pulled the butt section from the next bag ... only to be confronted with ANOTHER Precision Rods "R. Sealey Brumas" in the same condition !!!

Needless to say ... I couldn't say no and a deal was struck for the pair.

7. 14th. September, 2014. I'm delighted with this addition to my R. Sealey designed rods, won on a maiden bid on a well known auction site.

It's a Precision Rods "R. Sealey's Tudor Rose," a 10ft 6in., 3 piece rod with a Spanish Reed butt, a reed spliced to whole cane centre, and a whole cane spliced to split cane tip. It has an 18 inch handle.

8. 10th. September, 2014. An internet contact who knows of my fascination for Bernard Sealey's rod found this example in an antiques shop local to him, and did me the favour of procuring it for me.

It's an "R. Sealey's Match Winner J.F.T." It's a 12ft., 3 piece rod of the 'standard' construction by this designer ... Spanish Reed butt, reed spliced to whole cane centre, and whole cane spliced to split cane tip, with the reed and whole cane finished in 'japan black.' It will need a little more work than the others I have, being a little curvy in places ... the only rod by this maker I've found which isn't die-straight.

It would be fascinating to know who or what 'J.F.T' refers to !!!

9. 15th. August, 2014. Now for something different ... an Precision Rods un-named 'combi' rod.

There are 4 pieces ... the separate handle having a female ferrule at it's head, which when used with the standard centre and tip sections makes up a 10ft. 6in., 3 piece rod of reed spliced to whole cane, and the tip whole cane spliced to split cane. The ferrule in the handle can be seen in the second picture)

However, there is an additional 2ft. 6in. Spanish reed section which slips between the handle and the standard centre section, converting it into a 13ft. rod.

Being un-named... perhaps it was a special commission for a matchman in the 1950's or 60's who wanted to have options on the bank without carrying two rods (Allcocks did something similar in fibre glass with their 'Billy Lane Deluxe').

10. 28th. October, 2014. Collected today was this Precision Rods "R. Sealey's Tudor Rose," a 10ft. 6in., 3 piece rod with whole cane handle, whole cane spliced to whole cane centre, and whole cane spliced to split cane tip. It needs all new intermediate guides, and a bit of work straightening it out, but winter's dark nights are coming.

11. 1st. December, 2015. Soon to join me is this 11ft. 3in. version of the Precision Rods 'R. Sealey's Match-Winner JFT' ... a 3 piece rod with a Spanish Reed butt, whole cane/whole cane middle, and all split cane tip.