My obsession grows !!! At least the name is safe, I hope.

3rd. August, 2015. Being finally back at home (long story) ... and back at my real computer ... I was doing a little research last night about who might actually own the 'Precision Rods' name at the moment (after a couple of relaxing tinctures !) ... and I discovered that the name was no longer registered at Companies House.

My 'obsession' with this company kicked in ... and a little more 'surfing' disclosed that a company can be set up for a tiny outlay.

I am proud to able to say that I am now the Owner, Managing Director, and Sole Shareholder of "Precision Rods Ltd." ... a new limited company which, though it may never actually 'trade,' will ensure that the Precision Rods name continues, and is protected for as long as I can manage.

The 'package' from one of these businesses which set up companies for people also includes the registration of the internet domain name :-

... which I also hope to maintain for the foreseeable future.

When I told her this morning, My Good Lady simply clutched her head in her hands and walked away (as a tease, I hasten to add), before smiling and saying that she wasn't in the least surprised (bless her).

As part of the 'package' I have been allocated a free one page website for a year :-

... and an email address to go with it :-