The 12ft. 'R. Sealey's Tudor Supreme' ... or is it ?

16th. September, 2015. I am the most fortunate of men !!!

Soon to be added to my collection of rods from the Precision stable is this 'chance in a lifetime' R. Sealey's Tudor Supreme. This is the 12ft. version, to compliment my 11ft. version detailed above.

I shall say no more about the circumstances of it's acquisition ... but I shall be forever grateful to the Gentleman who has allowed me to own it.

24th. September, 2015. I was fortunate enough to be able to collect the rod from the vendor a couple of days ago, was treated by his hospitality, and delighted by the generosity in the time, experience, and knowledge he shared with me.

As the rod has already been stripped to bare cane ... which colour whipping do I use ??? ... 'high bells' or 'low bells' ? ... do I keep the sliding reel seat ??? I need to think over a small tincture or two over a couple of weeks to decide !

18th. December, 2015. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to engage the services of a Gentleman, whose work I have admired for some time, to rebuild this rod on my behalf. Discussions took place over a number of days, and decision taken about how I'd like the rod to be when finished.

I decided that it should have 'high bells,' and be whipped in Piper's Silks 'Dark Peony' ... the same as the 'un-named' 10ft. 9in. rod I found a couple of years ago. I also decided to keep the reel mount, as it was obviously an original fitting.

Now ... why do I say 'or is it' in the sub-title above ? for the simple reason that the 'shadows' of the original whipping between the handle and the Precision Rods shield on the but seem to show that there wouldn't have been enough room for the usual hand-written script of the designer's and model names ... just like the 10ft. 9in rod, which I am 99% sure was either a 'prototype,' or a 'customer special order' ... both of which I know that the factory produced thanks to the confirmation of Bernard Sealey's great grand-daughter.

That aside ... I have received photographs of the progress made on the rod ... and been informed that it's very possible that I'll receive the rod in time for Christmas ... quite a present, as I'm sure you'll agree !!!