A visitor to the site (you know who you are, MG), knowing that I have a car almost as old as myself, suggested that a "man-cave" should include reference to same ... so I've included my bikes as well !

Sadly, no longer my daily transport, this 1962 Austin A40 Farina Mk II Countryman Deluxe which I was lucky enough to acquire 4 years ago.

What was the world's first 'hatchback,' with the boot lid down, and the window above it up, and the rear seat folded flat, he can accommodate more than sufficient 'traditional' tackle for my needs.

Due to an idiot running into me whilst trying to overtake me on a roundabout ... the Austin is no more, as the insurance company wrote it off !!!

Sadly, due to circumstances beyond my control (age/health/etc) I've had to accept that (probably) my days on two wheels are no more.

Motorcycles were a factor in why I gave up fishing in the 1960's, but I returned to two wheels in the 1990's.

Still my 'road bike,' this 1958 panther M45 powered by a Villiers 324 cc twin cylinder 2-stroke engine now holds a place of pride in my garage, alongside his "chum" detailed below.

Also in my garage is my one venture into 2-wheeled competition ... my self-built (with the aid of friends) 'special.' With a 1968 Triumph TR25W frame and a 1956 Villiers 1H single cylindered 247cc 2-stroke engine, I competed on this bike in 'classic' sprints and hillclimbs (pictured here on Oliver's Mount at Scarborough). Oddly enough, Mrs. AC was a tad perturbed when I told her that the brake linings were, as far as I'm aware, the originals from 1968 !!!