Only the 'fishing' ones ... obviously !!! and in no order of preference.

"10 Counties Angling Guide." John Norman.
"A Complete Guide to Fishing." (A book comprising all the Marshall
Cavendish magazine series of the 1970's)
"A Passion for Angling." Yates/James/Miles.
"A Plank Bridge by a Pool." Norman Thelwell.
"Allcock's 1969 Anglers Guide." Noris Shakespeare.
"Angler's Angles." John Burnett and Alan Pearson.
"Angling in Gravel Pits." Alan Pearson.
"Angling for Coarse Fish." John Bickerdyke.
(Revised by Harvey D. Torbett.)
"Baits and Artificial Lures." John Wilson.
"Baits and Groundbaits." 'Faddist (Edward Ensom).
"Big Fish from Small Streams." Tony Miles.
"Billy Lane's Encyclopaedia of Float Fishing." Billy Lane and Colin
"Bream and Barbel." Peter Stone.
"Casting. A Text Book of Fishing casts." Terry Thomas.
"Catch Carp and Tench." John Wilson.
"Chalk Stream Roach. The Ultimate Challenge." John Searl.
"Coarse Fishing." Harvey Torbett.
"Coarse Fishing." J. H. R. Bazley & N. L. Weatherall.
"Coarse Fishing Baits." Frank Oates.
"Coarse and Game Fishing." Edited Michael Pritchard.
"Collins Guide to The Freshwater Fishes of Britain and Europe."
Bent J, Muus and Preben Dahlstrom.
"Compleat Tangler." Thelwell.
"Confessions of a Carp Fisher." BB (Denys Watkins-Pitchford).
"Eric Morecambe on Fishing." Eric Morecambe.
"Falkus and Buller's Freshwater Fishing." Fred Buller and Hugh Falkus.
"Fishing Famous Rivers. Somerset Waters." Raymond Perrett.
"Fishing Famous Rivers. The Welland." Peter Tombleson.
"Fishing Reels. Volume 1." Phil Waller.
"Fishing Reels. Volume 2." Phil Waller.
"Fishing for Roach with Mr. Cherry and Jim." Bernard Venables.
"Fishing Tackle. Making and Repairing." W. L. Foster.
"Fishing Wit." Richard Benson.
"Fishing With Float and Fly." William Childs.
"Float Fishing." Billy Lane.
"Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish - Theory and Technique." ("How to Catch
Them Series.") W. J. Howes.
"Fred Buller's Book of Rigs and Tackles." Fred Buller (with
contributions from Walker/Taylor/Nixon/Pritchard).
"Freshwater Fish - and How to Catch 'Em." Billy Lane and Colin Graham.
"Freshwater Fishes." J. Vostradovsky.
"Freshwater Fishing Baits." Bill Howes.
"Gravel Pit Angling." Peter Stone.
"Hempseed Fishing." Alan Pearson.
"How to Fish." J. H. R. Bazley.
"How to Fish." Chris Yates.
"Improve Your Bait Fishing." John Bailey.
"John Bailey's Complete Guide to Fishing." John bailey.
"Kingfisher Guide to Angling." Sutton/Stoker/Tombleson.
"Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing." Bernard Venables.
"Mr. Crabtree's Guide to good Fishing Tackle." Hal Mount (Daily
"Make Your Own Fishing Tackle." W. E. Davies.
"Make Your Own Traditional Tackle." Paul Duffield.
"Reflections of a Countryman." Fred J. Taylor.
"Roach Fishing." 'Faddist' (Edward Ensom).
"Roach. The Gentle Giants." John Bailey.
"Roach Fishing." Tony Whieldon.
"Roach. How to catch Them." L. A. Parker.
"Rods. How to Make Them." J. B. Walker.
"Rods and Rod Building." Len Head.
"Sea Fishing." Harvey Torbett.
"Sealey Fishing Catalogue 1964."
"Sealey Fishing Catalogue 1967"
"Sealey Fishing Catalogue. 1969."
"Successful Angling." Walker/Taylor/Falkus/Buller.
"Successful Roach Fishing." David Carl Forbes.
"Techniques of Ledgering." Harvey Torbett.
"The Angler's Freshwater Fishes." Harvey Torbett.
"The Angler's Pocket Book." J. Wentworth Day.
"The Art of Angling." Edited by Kenneth Mansfield.
"The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying." Fling and Puterbaugh.
"The Book of Practical Fishing Knots." Geoffrey Budworth.
"The Book of the Wye." Leslie Baverstock.
"The Compleat Angler." Izaak Walton.
"The Complete Book of the Roach." Dr. Mark Everard (signed).
"The Fishing Detective." John Bailey.
"The Handbook for Fishermen." Harvey Torbett.
"The Incompleat Angler." Robert G. Deindorfer.
"The 'Intrepid' Guide to the Fixed Spool Reel." K. P. Morritt Ltd.
"The Lost Diary." Christopher Yates. (Yes, I am a named Subscriber.)
"The New Complete Guide to Fishing Skills." Tony Whieldon.
"The Trout and the Fly." Brian Clarke and John Goddard.
"This Fishing, or Angling Arts and Artifices." Capt. L. A. Parker.
"Towpath Tours." Harvey Torbett.