Every home should have one !!!

Having mobility problems, and becoming more and more reliant on a walking stick, this only leaves one hand free for carting stuff about. I have a back-pack (of which more on another page) which copes with most things, but Rods, landing nets, bait buckets etc all have to be carried in my left hand.

This makes bank sticks for rod rests just about impossible and so, having a few hours to spare, I set about thinking out the problem.

The solution was obvious, really ... kill two birds with one stone and combine the two into one handy unit.

I found a discount mobility aids supplier who sell wooden walking sticks with detachable handles for the incredible price of £3.99 each including delivery by courier !!! This includes the removal of VAT if you provide evidence of disability.

I ordered two, and when they arrived found that the handle had been threaded direct into the wood to take a long screw secured in the main body. I enlarged this hole to accept another ebay find ... a camera tripod adapter (there are lots for under a couple of quid) ... and I glued this into the handle with epoxy.

The result is a handle which screws into any standard bank stick. I'm using a Dinsmores 'Arrow Point' which is extendable from 36 inches to 62 inches.

I can now carry a couple of different rod rest head designs in my tackle bag, and change it back to a walking stick when I need to move on.