1. I couldn't resist this tin of Martin - James flies ... not for game fish, but for Roach and Dace !!! All I need to do now is learn to fly cast.

2. I also couldn't resist this period winder.

3. Bought on ebay for about £15, this bamboo and brass tube with a turned wood and cork stopper is the ideal for my quills.

4. A surgical knife roll makes a wonderful float roll !!!

5. Always useful in a tackle bag ... I just found this Pegley-Davies 'Knot Card' ... stamped as originating from F Tout, Fore Street, Dulverton.

6. Thanks to a fellow TFF member I now have this "Spare Parts Kit for the Intrepid Envoy."

7. Supplied by Jim at the Vintage Fishing Company is this delightfully quirky "French" style rod rest ... though another source informs me that a similar idea was patented in 1884 by C. L. Matthews. Looks like some research is needed !

8 & 9. Efgeeco tripod Rod Rests. I stumbled on one of these, and My Good Lady bought it for me for Christmas. I loved it so much that when an earlier model came along, this time with it's original storage bag, I simply couldn't resist.

The advantages of these are tremendous ... especially for those of use who are disabled and increasingly using 'platforms' to fish from. Not only are they great rod rests, they can also double as a 'bait station' base !!!

10. 16th. June, 2015. A surprise gift from a skilful friend ... a hand-made rod rest head, stained dark to match my 'Roisteach Snas.'