I now have a few items with a local bias, and hope to develop this aspect of my collection.

I restored this Martin James split cane rod which bears the label :-
"Supplied by Aubrey Hill, Sports Outfitters, 8 Holbrooks Lane, Coventry. Phone 88878."

I was lucky to find this Edgar Sealey "All Round" fibre glass rod. It bears the label :-
"Supplied by A. W. Lomas. Coventry. Phone Cov 87555"

Thank you to Rob Moore for letting me know that this rod came from his father in law's shop :-
"My late father in law, and his father before him, made and sold fishing tackle from a shop on Station Street East, Coventry from before the war up to about 1970 when he retired and sold the business."

I was lucky enough to be given this Billy Lane double sided float box

More from Billy Lane ... three books from the Coventry legend :-