I thought it was time that I featured some of the special floats which adorn my box.

1. 29.6.13. The Postman arrived this morning with an unexpected parcel from 'over the pond.' A fellow TFF member, Estaban, had taken it into his head to send me this wonderful example of his hand made floats as a gift.

A delightful, light, 5 1/2 inch float made from natural materials, this will adorn my float box ... and be carefully used so I don't leave it dangling in a tree somewhere (which I'm prone to do !!!).

2. 27.3.13. I was lucky enough to win this very special Norfolk Reed float, in a TFF competition, which was hand made by fellow TFF member Bigfish. The tip is hollow, based on the sound scientific principle that as the float descends with a bite, the hole in the hollow tip allows water to enter thus countering the water pressure/tension and making it much more sensitive. At 8 inches long, and rated at 10BB, it carries enough weight to cast a good distance whilst being sensitive to the bite. Beautiful.

3. These are some of the floats which I normally have in my tackle bag when I go angling.