Non-Intrepid fixed spools

1. 13th. April, 2013. Bought specifically to mount on my refurbished Edgar Sealey and Sons 'Floatcaster Deluxe' is this Ambidex Mk. 4., which was badged and sold as the 'Sealey Flocast.'
It had one or two problems when it arrived, but I've overcome these to make it a nice usable reel.
Pictured here on the handle of the rod it was bought to enhance ...

2. I picked up this late 1960's Shakespeare 2210 II, and was so impressed with it's Japanese engineering that I sourced a spare spool from America (around £10 inc. delivery !)

3. Gentlemen of my age who waited every week of their childhood for "The Eagle" to arrive will understand why I simply had to have an example of this reel. With styling so redolent of the designs of rockets in 'Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future' and his battles with The Mekon, this "Le Omnia" (French sounding name but English made) is of it's time.

4. 3rd. June, 2013. I attended the TFF AGM yesterday at the famous "Lands End" inn at Twyford ... and a grand time was had by all ... especially me !!!

Partly responsible for that was the acquisition of this J. W. Young & Sons Ltd "The Ambidex." It's a No. 2 FP (full bale arm) - 1954 ... the FP standing for 'flexible pickup' because of the bail arm configuration, described on the Old Models page of the Young's website as "Superbly designed Flexible Automatic Pick-up, completely over drum, smooth in action and infallible in use. Flexible Wire removable for placing line on correct side of Pick-up when necessary."

This is a very early model, having what I understand is the first anti-reverse mechanism offered by Young's.

5. 17th. January, 2014. Newly arrived this this super example of an Edgar Sealey 'Flocast.' There is minimal paint loss for it's age, a spare spool still in it's original greaseproof paper bag (which I am sure has never been used), a complete original box, and a perfect instruction/schematic diagram leaflet.
The 'Flocast' is actually a Young's Ambidex 'Match,' but with various materials changes to bring it it in 'at a price.'

6. 20th. January, 2014. I couldn't resist this 'Delmatic 2,' which is actually a Young's Ambidex Mk. 6, with a variety of changes to bring it in 'at a price,' like the 'Flocast' above. The name comes from the fact that the 'flier' is made of 'Delrin,' and not metal like Ambidex. Delrin is an engineering thermoplastic.

7. 1st. March, 2014. Arrived with me this morning, this Young's "Felton Crosswind" which I won in a charity auction.

8. 27th. May, 2014. Newly arrived, and crossed off my 'bucket list,' a reel I have been hoping to acquire for around two years !!!

It's a Hardy's of Alnwick 'Altex' Number 2 Mk V., an early version with no reverse wind relying on the spool clutch to play the fish. It will take a little getting used to ... but the engineering of the reel is a delight. The stamp inside of 'JRJ' shows that it was actually made by Jack Johnson who worked for Hardy's from 1938 to 1966.

9. 15th. March, 2015. Arriving with me soon is my birthday present to myself ... a second Hardy 'Altex No. 2 Mk. V' which I have made my birthday present to myself this year. Not only does this one come with the original rexine box, it has a spare spool ... and an 'anti-reverse' mechanism ! The stamp is also for Jack Johnson, the same person who made my other one.

10. 26th. June, 2014. Just arrived with me is this Young's Ambidex No 1 half bail, with spare spool ... circa 1947.

10. 26th. June, 2014. Arriving in the same parcel was this Sealey Flocast Mk 6 ... circa 1964.

11. Having added the Chapman's "Quinette" to my collection, I needed a reel to compliment it. Happily I found this Mitchell 576 in it's original box, and not only that a quick 'tinterweb' search sourced two brand new spare spools, one in its original box too. Manufactured between 1971 and 1982, just over 18,000 of these reels were made, and the serial number K03702 means this one was made in France in 1980.

12. 21st. Feb. 2013. I wanted this reel so much I had it shipped from Alaska !!!

Newly arrived is the pride of my little Mitchell collection. There seems to be some confusion as to when this reel first made its appearance in the UK, but I was sure I saw an advert or read an article about this 'upgrade' of the 330 to a 'fast retrieve version' and lusted after it as a spotty teenager in the early '60's. I have now seen and advertisement showing the cost in pounds sterling in 1968 as £8.19.6d. (ten shillings more than the 330 and a whole pound more than the 300 in that year).

So ... this is my near mint 440 (not 440 match) in it's original box, the serial number on the foot matching that on the bottom of the box. It's 6539839, dating the reel to 1965/6. The deep fill spool which came with it even has the gummed paper strip in place around it advocating "Garcia Platytl." It has the broad anti-reverse lever and 'unusual' baffle plate, proving it to be a very early production model. A little voice is nagging me to leave it in it's box ... but no ... it will be used, as it should be, though probably only on very 'special' trips.

13. 24th. April 2013. Arrived with me this morning is my latest Ebay find ... the European release of the Mitchell 440 which is shown above.

After a clean up both outside and in (packed solid with grease) it runs smooth as silk, I'm a very happy chappie.

Three spools came with it and proved to be one 'Extra Small Capacity Match,' and two "Ultra Small Capacity Match.'

The serial number is 9197694, which places it at circa 1972/3. This date is supported by the bail arm which is the original, as the roller bail arm didn't come in until around 1974, apparently (or allegedly !).

The narrower anti-reverse lever puts it as a 2nd version, the original being thicker (see the picture of my other 440).

The things that set this apart as the European release are a) the "Special" sticker (which is fortunately still in place and in good condition), and b) the fact that the case is engraved "Mitchell 440" and not "Garcia Mitchell 440 (again, see other picture).

14. 28th. May, 2013. On it's way to me is this CAP 54, described on the Mitchell Reel Collectors International site as " "Cap" - "Mitchell Cap" or "Cap 54" was the 1954 "C.A.P." model that became the third model open face spinning reel offered by Carpano & Pons." It was also the first time writing appears on the cover plate for a C.A.P reel. To find one with it's original instruction sheet is a bit of a result !
I suppose the fact that it was advertised as an Intrepid, because the seller found it in a Morritt's box, meant no-one else spotted it ! Hurrah !