A start ... more models to come. My first ever reel was an Intrepid Monarch Mk2, which was the first I acquired when I decided to collect some of K. P. Morritt's products.

1. A 3 1'2" Intrepid 'Match' with box and case, an ideal 'tiddler snatcher.'

2. Basically the same major components as the 'Match', this pair of 3 1/2" 'Fly Reel' has only one handle on the spool, and no ratchet release lever.

3 & 4. My pair of Intrepid 'Standard' reels. A light reel with a ratio of approx 2.75:1, the boxed example on the left is complete with its guarantee certificate from 9th September, 1958 ... numbered 8000.

This pair of 'Continental' reels, one boxed, came as part of a job lot. There is a spare spool for each, and the attachments to make to spools deep or shallow. The ratio is 3:1.

5. My 'Elite with both original case and full document showing the Intrepid range and including a schematic diagram and the Guarantee Certificate number 88902. The description of the reel is "Acclaimed as 'the most advance reel in the world.' Ambidextrous with two spare spools, CAMATIC line lay and ROLLER pick-up. Capacity 150yds of 11lb B>S> nylon."

6. The reel I started angling with in the very early 1960's ... an Intrepid 'Monarch Mk2.' Wire non-roller bail arm and 2.75:1 ratio, I learned to cast with this 'boys reel,' and caught roach, perch, gudgeon, dace, trout, and pike ... and even mackerel spinning from south coast beaches on '60's family caravan holidays.

7. The forerunner to the Mk2 ... the Intrepid 'Monarch Mk1,' with different tension adjuster.

8. Intrepid 'Extra,' silver badge model, probably from the early '70's judging by the plastic lever.

9. Another 'boys reel,' the Intrepid 'Black Prince.'

10. Newly arrived is one I've never heard of ... an "Intrepid CS100," which is obviously a reworking of the "Black Prince." From the style of printing on the embossed foil label I'd say this was a '70's version made after the take-over by Gladdings. I have been kindly contacted with the information that this reel was, indeed, produced between 1978 and 1980.

11. One of a pair of Intrepid 'Prince Regent' reels which I use for general float fishing, with four spools of various strength lines.

12. This is a virtually unused Monarch Mk II in blue, which came with it's original box, guarantee certificate, and another broken reel in its box for spares !!!

13. Such a small reel !!! This is a Morritt's 'Truspin' about which I know nothing not having seen one before I found this one ... but from the somewhat questionable colour I'd suggest it was a 1970's model.

14. 30.1.13. Newly arrived this morning is a very nice example of an Intrepid "Envoy" with it's original box, and a second (missing it's anti-reverse lever) for spares. Described in adverts by Morritt's as "A quality reel designed for the budget minded enthusiast," they were on sale in the late '60s for 34/6 (approx. £1.73p)

15. 27.4.2015. Newly arrived thanks to the generosity of a friend (thank you Leszek) is this fine example of a late 1950's Intrepid "Supreme, complete with it's original box !

16. 16th. September, 2015. Just arrived with me is a lovely example of the K. P. Morritt's 3 1/2 inch Fly Reel ... with it's original box.