1. Newly acquired as part of a 'job lot' is this unusual Bestak of Dublin "Essex" 12 ft., 2 piece fibreglass carp/pike rod. It came to me in excellent condition, but I can find little about the company that made it other than they came into being in Dublin between 1st. July 1958 and 30th. June, 1960. I think, from the rubber handle grips, it looks like it's late '60's to late '70's ... but I could be (usually am) wrong. It has a very similar configuration to a carp rod I had that was a test curve of 2.75lbs.

2. Edgar Sealey "All Round" see my Coventry Connection page.

3/4/5. Which boy of my age in the early 1960's didn't start his angling on a rod like this? I've collected these over the past few months as a homage to my childhood. All are fibre glass and 7ft in length.
The black one has the remains of a label identifying it as a "Tokoz," a Czech company who made fishing tackle for decades. It still exists today, but has moved on to other products. Hand painted near the handle is what looks like "Alur," possibly the model name.
The green one has a very badly worn label, but the words "Winfield" and "Made in GDR" (What was East Germany, for those too young to remember the Cold War). Winfield was the trading name of Woolworths.
The white rod bears the makers label for "Rodrill London."
It's interesting to note the differing styles of guide used on what are, basically, the same type of blank ... spinning, high bell, and low bell.