Learning to fly cast is my 2013 project.

1. An interesting one, this!!! I was given this rod as it's in such need of TLC. It's the most delicate fly rod I've ever seen made by Foster Bros, of Ashbourne, the same company which made my 'Roach Perfection.' I have had contact from a gentleman who built rods for the company who thinks it may be a 'one off' built to order in the 1930's. Restored it would be 5ft 6in long, and wonderful for brook trout on somewhere like The Dove, especially with my Intrepid fly reel. I hope to bring it back to life.

17th. May, 2015. Knowing nothing about fly rods I knew this would be a long term project ... and so it has proved.

I made contact eventually with Stephen Woolley, a Gentleman of Ashbourne who started working as a 'Saturday Lad' in his teens at Foster Brothers and went on to be trained in rod building after leaving school and joining the company. He now has his own rod building business in the same town.

He has hand-built new ferrule sets for me, and beautifully blued them ... and has also filled and finished the cork on the handle. i can now move on and whip new guides before re-varnishing the stripped blank.

2nd. June, 2015. The little butt section has now been whipped, sealed, and a first coat of varnish applied. Trying to keep as close as possible to the original colours, I'm using Piper's Silks 90/2 Gloss Red, edged with a Utica 00 Pure Silk Green No 5041 I found on the internet.

I have yet to decide on the guides, as the originals are so small ... but I may plump for snakes. Don't expect rapid progress, as even though it's only a 5ft. 6in. rod there are 65 intermediate whippings ... starting at 1/2 inch spacings !!! My eyes !!! My eyes !!!

2. 18th. November, 2013. Thanks to the generosity of a fellow TFF member who knows my interest in tackle with 'local' connections, I now have a 9 ft., 2 piece, fibre glass fly rod called "The Kingfisher" which was hand made by W. H. Norris of Leamington Spa. Many thanks, Bob !

3. 29th. July, 2014. I'd never seen a Precision Rods fly rod before ... so HAD to have it. It's a 9ft., 3 piece, all split cane rod which has been restored at some time. The makers badge is 95% complete, and there's enough of the hand writing to show that the model is "R. Sealey's Tudor Prince."

4. 28th. April, 2105. Winging it's way to me is another Precision Rods fly rod ... un-named, apparently, so possibly a customer order. This one is an 8ft. 6in., 2 piece, all split cane rod in very nice condition.