1. 14th. July, 2014. Newly arrived is this real piece of history.

It's a 10ft., 3 piece rod comprising whole cane butt and centre sections with a greenheart tip. The handle is 18 1.2 inches long, and of sheet cork construction. The fittings are brass, and the guides are of the pre WW2 'bent wire' type.

The butt cap bears the stamped inscription "A. Carter & Co. 11 South Molton St. London W."

Carter and Co. was established in the 17th. century, and continuously traded as "Manufacturers of High-Class Fishing Rods & Tackle" until the mid 20th. century.

In 1925 they appointed the delightfully named Mr. H. Roach as their managing director. Mr. Roach had previously been in charge of the Fishing Tackle Department at the Army and Navy Stores."

I has been suggested that this rod bears all the hallmarks of Ogden Smith ... but there is no way to verify this by names on the rod itself.

The rod is in really very good condition, apart from a bent guide, and a 'droop' with age (I have that too !!!), so apart from cleaning some rust from the guides with 0000 grade wire wool, it will be left untouched.

2. 15th. February, 2015. On it's way to me is this fine example of a Milward's "Featherlite." It's the 12ft. version, comprising a Spanish reed butt, a reed spliced to whole cane centre, and Milward's compound "Twin Taper" tip section. (There were also 10ft. 6in., 14ft., and an 11ft. 2 piece versions.)

This seems to be a very original condition rod ... with all transfers present and complete, the ferrule stoppers, and the original black guides which Milward's fitted to these rods.

I was unaware that they made one with the metal reel seat which is fitted to this one ... so that something I'll have to investigate.