1. 28th. August, 2015. Just arrived with me from a fine angler whom I have only know of by reputation until now (thanks Jon) is this rod from Chapman's of Ware ... a later version of their 'Hunter,' ... this one designated as the 'New Look' version by the hand written 'N. L.'on the butt.

It's a 12 foot, 3 piece, all split cane rod, with the advantage of hollow built butt and centre sections ... meaning it weighs in at a meagre 14.2oz.(403grs.) ... so even my arthritic shoulders may be able to hold it for a while.

Chapman's tell me that the 'New Look' came in as a cost-cutting measure in an attempt to compete with the cheap foreign imports coming in from the far east in the early 1960's ... hence the shaped cork end to the handle in place of the butt cap and rubber button, and the complete lack of intermediate whippings. That just adds to the story of the rod for me, and I look forward to rebuilding it over the coming weeks.

22nd. September, 2015. Today I dropped the rod off at Chapman's workshop in Ware, and they are going to make and fit new ferrules, and repair the small damage on the cork handle with new shives.

2. 24th. September 2015. Just arrived with me this morning is a very fine example of the Chapman's of Ware "Fred. J. Taylor Roach Rod."

This is a 12ft. 6in., hollow built, split cane rod comprising two sections with a separate handle. It's in very lightly used, original condition, down to the black anodised reel bands, original ferrule stoppers, and maker's bag.

Don't be fooled ... this isn't a 'lightweight' rod !!! Fred must have had some VERY big roach local to him !!! Even hollow-built, it weighs in at a powerful 15.5oz. (440gr.), and one was reputedly used by a certain well known angler 'traditional' to catch a barbel in APFA.

Fitted as it is with 'high bell' guides I would hope to be using it as a 'heavy' tench float rod next season.