1. 22nd. May, 2013. Winging it's way to me is this Allcock's "Harvey Torbett" Avon rod. Better photographs will be posted when it arrives.

It is described thus in the 1966 Allcock's catalogue :-

"The Harvey Torbett Rod - For the young angler. Previously young anglers have been catered for with relatively cheap and primitive fishing rods. The "Harvey Torbett" is the first high quality ever designed for the juvenile and as such has met with an enthusiastic response.
It is a light rod , perfectly balanced so that a twelve year old boy may wield it all day without the least fatigue. 2-joint built cane with separate cork handle, screw winch fitting, agate butt and end rings, full stand-off intermediates, red silk whippings, cloth bag.
Length - 10ft. A250 75/- ea. + 12/6 P.Tax."

Here is the page from the 1967 catalogue :-

Harvey Torbett was a writer, angler, and angling coach in the 50's and 60's, often in the angling press of the time, and author of The following books (amongst others) which I own :-

"Coarse Fishing." 1st ed. 1961. Museum Press Ltd.
"The Techniques of Ledgering." 1st ed. 1961. Thorsons Publishers Ltd.
"The Angler's Freshwater Fishes." 1st ed. 1961. Putnam.
"The Handbook for Fishermen." 1st ed. 1964. Paul Hamlyn.

This is he ... wearing a fine outfit for angling, in my opinion :-

28th. May, 2013. The rod arrived today, and it's a delight. I can't wait to get it onto the bank.

This will have to wait, However, as there are a couple of problems.

Whilst the rod is in mostly great condition, the tip guide has been a little bent out of true, and more seriously there is a 'bodged' repair to both male and female ferrules. This means that whilst the sections themselves are straight, when put together the tip points off to one side. An extra male ferrule has been glued over the original, and the female has been badly 'spread' at the open end to accept the male.

Later that day ... after some very careful use of a Dremel with a cutting disc, the ferrules are gone ! A new set has been ordered, and should be here within the next couple of days.

31st. May, 2013. H&H were lightning fast with the delivery of the new ferrules, and they are now in place ... and yes, I was able to retain the original whippings !!! Hurrah !!!