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1. 29th. July, 2014. I'd never seen a Precision Rods fly rod before ... so HAD to have it. It's a 9ft., 3 piece, all split cane rod which has been restored at some time. The makers badge is 95% complete, and there's enough of the hand writing to show that the model is "R. Sealey's Tudor Prince."

2. 28th. April, 2105. Winging it's way to me is another Precision Rods fly rod ... un-named, apparently, so possibly a customer order. This one is an 8ft. 6in., 2 piece, all split cane rod in very nice condition.

3. 12th. May, 2015. My Precision Rods obsession grows, so when I saw this rod on a bookshop website for £25 I couldn't resist ... even though I had only recently bought one. This one also bears no model name, but from the photographs it looked identical to the recent addition

It arrived today, and I eagerly took it from the tube ... thinking that at least the bag looked in better condition. The butt and tip guides are re-usable, but the intermediates are badly corroded so will have to be replaced ... when I can find a set of similar shape. Then, as I put it together and held it for the first time I thought "By Jove, it's as straight as the proverbial die" before ... "Hang on ... this doesn't feel as delicate as the other one."

I hurriedly got the other one out of it's bag and put it together. The difference was obvious to the eye ... the tapers were different ... though the configuration is identical ! Out with the digital caliper ... and it was proved that my eyesight wasn't playing tricks.

The tapers are :-

A) Butt 801mm (0.315in) to 591mm (0.232in). Tip 550mm (0.216in) to 226mm (0.089in)
B) Butt 903mm (0.355in) to 697mm (0.274in). Tip 617mm (0.243in) to 250mm (0.098in)

Could it be that one is for a 4/5 weight line ... and the thicker taper for a 6/7 weight line ???

4. 5th. August, 2015. The latest addition to my Precision Rods has just arrived (28 now), and what a delight it is !!!

It was described as 'about 89 inches' but, on measuring it, it is exactly 7ft. 2in., and although one of the photographs in the listing clearly showed hand written 'R. Sealey,' the actual model name wasn't shown or stated ... so I wasn't sure about what would arrive.

This two piece split cane fly rod really does live up to it's name of 'R. Sealey's Tudor Lightweight,' tipping the scales at a feather-like 3.65oz. (104gr.) !!!

Once again, a small area of the old varnish has crumbled from the tip guide whipping proving that where many people think that Precision used black and yellow twist, it's actually black and white which appears yellow due to the discolouration of the ageing varnish.