"One summer he found himself sitting under the pollard willow fishing for dace. It was the first time he had found leisure to fish, though from the very outset of his career he had promised himself abundant indulgence in the pleasures of fishing. Fishing, as the golden page of English literature testifies, is a meditative and retrospective pursuit."

Last updated 18th. December, 2015.

Before I go on ... NO-ONE has my permission to use my website or any of it's content on ANY OTHER SITE in connection with any items of tackle which they may be selling !!!

Rant over ... now back to why I'm here !!!

The hero of H. G. Wells "The History of Mr. Polly" was also 'plumper and balder' than in earlier years so, naturally, I identified even more with him.

I returned to angling when I needed to find a less energetic activity than those of younger days. I had fished in my teens during the early 1960's, and memories of bright spring mornings, warm summer afternoons, and chill autumnal evenings drew me back to the bank-side as the increased leisure time of enforced retirement presented new challenges.

After a short flirtation with the vast array of new technology available in all aspects of modern tackle, and with some of the current 'commercial' fisheries more akin to literally 'shooting fish in a barrel,' it finally struck me.

Struggling from the car to the water one day, breathless and perspiring from pulling a barrow loaded down with seat box, rods, reels, buckets of ground bait etc. etc. I thought "this is NOT why I came back to angling."

My mind went back to my single rod and Intrepid Monarch Mk II reel which I used for everything from gudgeon in the small lake in a thicket close to our house in a small Leicestershire village to spinning for mackerel from south coast beaches on family holidays. I remembered the wicker basket which not only acted as a seat but also contained all the tackle and bait I needed AND ALSO all the food and drink to sustain me from dawn to dusk (usually a bottle of 'Dandelion and Burdock,' some sandwiches and a slice of cake).

That evening, just out of interest, I searched a certain well know internet auction site and found ... to my delight ... an identical Intrepid Monarch Mk II reel, and won it for only a couple of pounds!!!

That was the start of a process which has led to this website, which I intend only to share my fascination for what is now called the "traditional angling movement" with no hope other than it may be of interest to others like myself.

I now have a small but growing collection of rods, reels, and other tackle dating from 40 or more years ago ... and I have the joy of owning a few of the items I used to covet with my nose pressed against the window of the tackle shop (was it Staynes?) on Bath Street, Ashby de la Zouch. My limited budget these days means that most of my rods are bought 'needing tlc,' and I am learning by doing the arcane arts of restoring them myself not as museum pieces but as practical, usable tools. The pages which follow will be filled over the coming weeks and months ... I hope you will return to check my progress.

Finally, allow me to praise the principals and members of :-


... who have in no small part inspired me to create this site with their unselfish sharing of knowledge, skills, experience, humour, and sense of community.